WINGS (Women in Northfield Giving Support) educates and expands the number of women in philanthropy, builds and strengthens community through pooled investments, and improves the lives of women and youth in the Northfield area through focused giving.

"I appreciate the opportunity to make a significant contribution to the vital needs of women and youth in an ongoing and supportive way for basic needs, education and entrepreneurship."                                                                    - Blue WINGS Member  

Blue WINGS Membership 

While WINGS appreciates contributions at any level, members who give $1200 or more annually make a significant impact in WINGS' ability to offer grants to local non-profits. In 2016, contributions from Blue WINGS members accounted for almost half of the total amount WINGS received in donations.


Start Dreaming!
WINGS will soon announce its largest grant ever, coming in 2018. Your high impact project could be funded by WINGS. As always, WINGS looks for ways to help women and youth in Northfield. 
To learn about our grant recepients, click here.